Job Openings

Well Control Equipment Consultant

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Inspect well control equipment for regulatory compliance in the following areas: 
  1. Equipment design conforms to current regulatory standards 
  2. Maintenance system is established and properly followed 
  3. Confirmation that function and pressure testing is being conducted per regulation and approved procedures
  4. Confirmation that all documentation, to support the above items, is readily available at the job site; and is in date and per regulatory requirements 
  • Write detailed reports regarding the equipment inspection processes witnessed, to include all findings 
  • Be a leader in providing guidance on regulations and industry requirements to all client representatives and subcontractors specific to their equipment and operating environment 
  • Support equipment failure investigations and reporting 
  • Support maintenance planning to help eliminate non-productive time delays 
  • High degree of organizational awareness and excellent communication regarding project operations 
  • Support technical staff by providing and/or confirming information for client deliverables and participating in pre-briefing, handover, and debriefing meetings

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